Visual Arts

Visual arts from home. A contemporary approach to teaching school-based art. Suggested ways to remotely engage in art activities are provided under the units. Lessons for Term 2 2020 for each stage are found in Off-Site Learning 2020.  You can access these by clicking on the link or using the menu bar above.

It is hoped that the overviews and guidance support the young artist to be inspired to develop their ideas and make artworks at home.

SUPPORT: The impact of quality critique and feedback on improved art making. Be specific but kind!

In any learning context we need to have a positive growth mindset and be open to preserving with unfamiliar artmaking techniques, mediums and subject matter. Successful artworks stem from experimentation, practice and diligence to resolve parts of an artwork that just aren’t quite right yet. Critically examination is essential so one area at a time can be chosen and resolved.  This process of breaking down the task into smaller parts helps to reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed or frustrated. The personal satisfaction gained through creating something of a high standard is priceless. Enjoy the creative journey!

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